Say Yes to the…?

8 Jun

Hello friends. It’s been a while, but I’m back (if you want background on the past few months, ask me in person) and today I decided to reactivate my OkCupid profile, more for kicks than an actual desire to go on dates. I don’t even look around on the site, literally close the window and go back to doing laundry, so imagine my surprise when I come back and find I have six messages. Within ten minutes. Seriously.

For a moment, I actually believe that I’m just so awesome and my profile is just so irresistible that it’s a virtual feeding frenzy the second I dip a toe back into the online dating waters. I imagine guys all around the world spotting my profile and shouting to their friends, “Heather’s back!” and their buddies dropping beers, books, or frisbees (this is more of a montage sort of scene, so there are all types) and elbowing each other out of the way to get to a computer and message me. I picture the alert going viral, the click heard round the world, and the website crashing from all the traffic to my newly active profile.

Of course, I quickly realize that it’s more likely that OkCupid is conspiring to keep me engaged (damn them and their ego-stroking!), and upon looking through the sources of these messages, my enthusiasm wanes. Ah well, such is life.

That said, I did get one message that has had me laughing out loud for the last ten minutes. Enjoy!


Pick one and say yes. All these other guys can’t treat you right or give you what you need- short term or long term-I can!



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