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Your Father May or May Not Be…Kevin

13 Oct

See? I knew Kevin was a winner. Yes, it’s taken two weeks, but he’s invited me to a 1920’s themed croquet tournament in Annapolis. It’s just random enough to be really interesting, without being weird, which let’s be honest, is the fine line I spend my life walking. I’m thrilled.

He picks me up at noon and we spend the hour drive to Annapolis discussing our travel experiences. He knows I’ve just gotten back from a two week trip to Europe and dutifully asks all the expected questions but with genuine interest. I’ll be honest: I was worried about being trapped in a car for so long to start off a second date. I always think second dates are the hardest. I can talk to anyone for an hour or two; any subject is fair game because you haven’t talked before. Second dates, on the other hand, have the added pressure of wanting it to go well compounded with the need to remember which stories you’ve both told. Nothing is worse than telling your best party story… again. But I needn’t have worried; Kevin and I chat amiably the entire way and we arrive in Annapolis before I know it.

The day is absolutely glorious; we bask in the warm sun, enjoying our picnic of beer and sandwiches while watching St. John’s College kill the Naval Academy in round after round. We both root for Navy, partly because they are the underdog, but mostly because they seem to be laughing at the situation as much as us. The crowd fills the lawn like a scene out of Great Gatsby, with a small group even swing dancing to the live band set up behind the announcer’s stand. We sunbathe and people watch and plot how to steal some of the fancy cheese groups nearby have set out on elaborate wicker baskets.

After the tournament, Kevin shows me around the Academy’s campus, which he knows well from annual lacrosse camps hosted at the Academy each summer, then he takes me to dinner at a rooftop patio in downtown Annapolis. We laugh as we share our appetizer, and he finished my dinner, in a way that is both exciting and comfortably intimate.

Nine hours after picking me up, Kevin drops me at my door, although a bit reluctantly. We’re both wiped from our day in the sun, so Kevin asks for, and I agree to, a rain check.

For three weeks. This boy is killing me.


Kids, again, Kevin STILL isn’t out of the running but we’ll see how far it goes.