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Your Father Could Still Be… Ethan

9 Oct

At this point in a new relationship, it’s time to meet each other’s people. First up is dinner with Ethan’s roommate, which takes place at a nearby Chinese restaurant. I’ve briefly met Frederick before, but I’m still a little bit nervous. Frederick’s sharp wit and daunting intellect have me on edge but he remains indifferent as he blatantly sizes me up. (Like that, Frederick?)

The guys are actively debating some technical topic that is outside my realm of understanding, and further outside my realm of caring, so I stay fairly quiet through dinner. That is, except for one key moment, that changes everything.

Our food arrives and Ethan’s plate is significantly larger than Frederick’s. Ethan waves a chopstick at Frederick and exclaims,

“See? Size DOES matter.”

Without even looking up from my food, I gently rub Ethan’s back and say,

“No, it doesn’t sweetie.”

Frederick nearly chokes. After a few minutes of laughter (and a quick check that Ethan’s not upset), I wipe tears from my eyes while Frederick slides from his side of the booth. He’s suddenly serious, although I still can’t stifle my giggles, and he motions for Ethan to stand up next to him. I expect something to happen between them, so I’m surprised when Frederick slides into the booth next to me and gives me a hug, saying, “I rarely do this.”

Frederick then returns to his seat and resumes conversation as normal, but I at least know I have won him over.


Kids, a person’s close friends will tell you more about them than anything they can tell you about themselves. I found an ally and friend in Frederick, which was good because we’d end up spending a lot of time together over the coming months.