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How I Didn’t Meet Your Father

26 Jul

Welcome to How I Didn’t Meet Your Father (HIDMYF). I’m doing this because after an… interesting… foray into online dating, my friends begged me to make a blog of my exploits. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m no Washingtonienne, and the only scandal you’re likely to uncover is just what I’ll go through for some free food.

Yes, I’m sure there are better ways to meet the eligible bachelors of the metro DC area but I’ve found that this town is chock full of awesome single ladies who are equally befuddled as to where the reported legions of smart, handsome, powerful young men could possibly be hiding (Answer: Town on a Saturday night).

So with this blog, I’m taking a leap of faith. I’m assuming that like Ted on How I Met Your Mother, one of these days I will meet my future children’s father. I’m also taking a -much smaller- leap of faith that whoever he is, he will not be one of these winners I’ve dated so far.