They say to write about what you know. I certainly know about unexpectedly bad dates.  What more do I have to say?

Apparently quite a bit. Below are some FAQ that SHOULD quench your curiosity.

Q: Are these dates real?

A: Yes. Every date described on here really happened and to me. I don’t post stories from friends, or friends of friends, or friends of your cousin’s neighbor’s dog trainer’s sister.  No grapevine here folks, this is the real deal.

Q: Do you go looking for crazy people to date?

A: No. Most of the dates described took place long before I started this blog and I never go on a date I don’t think has a chance of leading to something more. Apparently I’m just really bad at judging such things.

Q: If all of these dates are so bad, why do you keep doing it?

A: I don’t cover all of the dates on here, just the entertaining ones. I’ve gone on a couple of uninteresting dates that I’ve skipped and have even had a couple of relationships that I didn’t think it was fair to cover on here. Basically, it’s much more fun to write about the heinous or hysterical than the sappy, so that’s what I do. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it seems!

Q: How can you sleep at night after bashing these poor unknowing men on the internet?

A: Quite well. First off, I change all of the names on this blog so that I can comfortably relay the facts without worry. Second, if any of the gentlemen callers listed here happen to find themselves and would like to share their side of the date, I would not only love to hear it but I would give it an entire post!

Q: DaddYO04 sounds super dreamy. Can you give me his number?

A: No. As I said, I change all the names (and screen names, so please don’t try to contact the poor soul who actually has this handle). If you want to find a specific person, the best I can tell you is to sign up for OkCupid and hope you two match.

Q: So…you’re still single? How YOU doin?

A: No. Just no.


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